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Counselling Courses

MTHG&CC as part of its mission conducts various training programs and seminars. One of the highlight programs is the One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counselling. The course is conducted by leading adjunct faculty and affiliated to the University of Serampore.

Counselling Courses: Text


This Centre visualizes a very important role in providing a good number of Christian professional counsellors to effectively work in the present matrix of chaotic community. The Almighty has showered His blessings upon this Centre till today, and it is our fervent prayer that He will continue to uphold this institution to fulfill its target in future successfully.

Diploma Course in Clinical Pastoral Counselling:

The 'Diploma course in Clinical Pastoral Counselling' (DCPC), affiliated to the Serampore University was a new venture to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of this Centre. Regular University Diploma Course in Counselling was commenced in this Centre on 21st May 2008, in association with the CHRISTIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (CMAI); and this institution functioned as the accredited Study Centre for DIPLOMA IN CLINICAL PASTORAL COUNSELLING (DCPC) of the SENATE OF SERAMPORE COLLEGE for the two years.
Modern infra-structure, efficient faculty, good library and also counselling facilities have been provided in MTHG&CC, Thiruvananthapuram.
It is worthy to note that the First batch of DCPC Course (2008 - 2009) from this Centre with five students scored 100% success. Since then, twelve more batches of students have successfully completed their DCPC course. Now the Thirteenth batch with Fourteen students has commenced in this Centre on 24th September 2020.
It is a matter of proud privilege that The SENATE OF SERAMPORE COLLEGE, SERAMPORE has accorded their direct affiliation to The Mar Thoma Hospital Guidance and Counselling Centre, Thiruvananthapuram in February 2010 for conducting 'Diploma Course in Clinical Pastoral Counselling' (DCPC).

Admission requirements:

1  (a) B.Th. / B.D. Degree of Serampore University.
    (b) Three years' experience in Pastoral Ministry.


2 (a) Bachelor Degree of a University, and
   (b) Three years' work experience or involvement in some form of lay ministry of the church as determined by the admitting institution.
Admission is based on an Entrance Test which will be held at this Centre in April or May every year.
Student support is provided by this Centre in deserving cases, by way of fee concession.

Short-term Counselling Programmes:

Short-term counselling courses of three month duration are also organized in this Centre , giving emphasis to important counselling topics of personality development, adolescent counselling, family counselling, NLP, REBT, Counselling skills, etc. Experts and specialists with vast experience in the different fields are invited as guest faculty members to handle classes and to inter-act with the participants.

Counselling Courses: List

Governing Body

A DCPC Governing Body oversees the functioning of the course

Joseph Mar Barnabas.jpg

Rt Rev Joseph Mar Barnabas Saffragon Metropolitan


Rev Sajesh Mathews

Rev. Sajesh Mathews

Counselling Director & Course Co-Ordinator


Rev. Dr. Jacob Cherian M.Th., Ph.D.

(Director TMA Institute of Counselling, Kottayam)


Rev. Dr. P.T. George M.Th., Ph.D.,

Principal, K.U.T. Seminary, TVM.

Adv. T.K Joseph

Adv. T.K Joseph

[D.E., Telephones (Retd.)]

(Secretary, MTHGCC, TVM.)


Adv. Joy Verghese

M.A., LL.B., B.Ed., D.H.E.


Dr. (Mrs.) Aleyamma Simon

M.Sc., Ph.D., M.T.A.

Counselling Courses: Meet the Team
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