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Holding Hands


MTHG&CC provides emotional support through its counselling wing functioning at the campus. It gives a hand of support to the dejected and disappointed. The counselling centre conducts personal counselling to all those who are in need. It also provides counselling sessions to the patients and bystanders who stay at the centre.

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The essentiality of counselling programme

It is needless to state that there is no area in the modern world where counselling is not required. Broken families, problems among students and teenagers, psycho-somatic disorders during adolescence, un-expected tragedies in life, bereavement of loved ones and loneliness in life, mental stress and strain, unhealthy competition in the present trend of globalization and materialism, etc. lead to different sorts of crises in everybody developing despair, dejection and hatred to oneself and to the society. Individual and community life is shattered causing its reverberation in the society. The present situation necessitates a large team of qualified professional counsellors to uplift self-esteem, build up personality and restore peace in families and groups. So the essentiality for training the spiritual and secular leaders in counselling is also highlighted.


MTHGCC arranges special seminars and unique programmes for teenagers, young couple, senior citizens and other target groups.

Training Programmes

Training programmes in counselling and personality development are conducted for adolescents, teachers, youngsters and parents. Special counselling programmes for pre-marital, post-marital sections, alcoholic groups, stress management etc. are also arranged periodically.

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling service and pre-marital counselling are also provided for individuals and families on prior appointment.

Counselling for patients and inmates

Counselling services are rendered free for the patients and their relatives who stay in MTHG&CC. When they are subjected to disappointment and mental distress in the course of their treatment, this service has proved to be very helpful to them.


The Third floor area of 225.35 m2 of the Counselling Block has been apportioned for one Seminar/ Lecture Hall, one Faculty Room, Library, Counselling Room, Course Co-ordinator's Room and Conference Hall. The Second floor area of 225.35 m2 has been allocated to provide for Director's quarters and also hostel accommodation for students, if needed. Laptop and LCD projector, Classroom address system, OH Projector and one Photostat-cum-printer have been provided for the programme.


This centre is equipped with a good library having 900 standard books on various aspects of counselling, and also different subjects. The Course Co-ordinator is in charge of the library. Students are allowed to utilize the library; and specific number of books are lent to the students and teachers for prescribed periods. Library facility is also open to the public for reference during office hours.

Are you looking for someone to talk to?

Contact us - We are here to listen

Rev. Sajesh Mathews

Counselling Director

Tel: +91 471 244 8759

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