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About Us

The Marthoma Hospital Guidance and Counselling Centre (MTHG&CC), Thiruvananthapuram, established in 1982, is an institution under the Thiruvananthapuram - Kollam Diocese of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. The MTHG&CC meets the needs of the poor and helpless patients from distant parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu seeking specialised treatment at various hospitals in Thiruvanathapuram. It provides the patients and by-standers with free food and accommodation, blood donation, financial assistance, free ambulance etc.

MTHG&CC also provides emotional support through its counselling wing to the dejected and disappointed. It also functions as a centre for conducting courses, seminars and training in Counselling and Personality Development.

The Mar Thoma Hospital Guidance and Counselling Centre currently functions in two multi-storeyed buildings located, near Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. Its administration is vested with a Society registered under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955 (Act XII of 1955),and an Executive Committee consisting of 15 members presided over by Rt Rev Joseph Mar Barnabas Saffragon Metropolitan. The Most Rev. Dr Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan is the Patron of the said institution. Adv. T.K Joseph is the Secretary and Mr. Johnson M Jacob is the Treasurer. Rev. Sajesh Mathews is now the Director of Counselling Centre and Course Co-ordinator of the counselling courses.

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Our History

Founder :
The Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan

One evening, about thirty eight years ago the Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan happened to visit the Medical College campus, Thiruvananthapuram while he was the Diocesan Bishop and saw the sad plight of the kith and kin of several patients admitted in different hospitals in the said campus, seeking shelter under the shades of trees and buildings. Compassion and deep concern for the poor and marginalised people germinated in his benevolent heart and a new project took shape in his mind. His dream was materialised in a humble manner and the Mar Thoma Hospital Guidance and Counselling Centre, Thiruvananthapuram was established in 1982, under the Kollam-Thiruvananthapuram Diocese of The Mar Thoma Syrian Church. The now prestigious institution started functioning in a small rented building on the side of Pazhaya Road near Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, with just five boarders. Our loving God nourished the philanthropic project through the helpful hands of many well-wishers; and the novel scheme obtained remarkable appreciation among the public, and it progressed by leaps and bounds. Later it was shifted to a newly constructed building nearby.

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Most Rev Dr Theodosius Mar Thom Metropolitan .png

Most Rev Dr Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan


Joseph Mar Barnabas.jpg

Rt Rev Joseph Mar Barnabas Saffragon Metropolitan



Rev. Philip George

Vice President

Adv. T.K Joseph

Adv. T.K Joseph


Johnson M Jacob

Mr. Johnson M Jacob


Rev Sajesh Mathews

Rev. Sajesh Mathews

Counselling Director

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  1. Most Rev. Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan - Patron

  2.  Rt. Rev Joseph Mar Barnabas Saffargon Metropolitan - President

  3. Adv.T K Joseph - Secretary - 9447204921

  4. Sri.Johnson M Jacob - Treasurer - 9446030284

  5. Rev.Philip George - Vice President - 8547626200


  1.  Rev.Philip George  - Vicar, Pattoor St. Thomas - 8547626200

  2.  Rev. Biji M Raju - Vicar, Kazhakoottam Bethel - 9995212015

  3.  Rev. Varghese Philip - Vicar, Paruthippara Immanuel - 9400006060

  4.  Rev. D Sunil - Vicar, Sreekaryam Bethel - 949555551

  5.  Rev. Binoy J Thomas - Vicar, Peroorkada Ebenezer - 8291534925

  6.  Rev. Bibin V Mathew - Vicar, Vazhuthacaud Salem - 9746592187

  7. Rev. Manoj Idiculla - Vicar, Vattiyoorkavu St Pauls - 9444988820

  8.  Rev Sajesh Mathew - Vicar, Anayara St. Thomas - 9400646970

  9. Rev. Dr. P .P Thomas - Vicar, Trinity MTC Medical College - 8281717276

  10.  Rev. Anil George - Vicar, Nanthencode Jerusalem - 9495606778

  11.  Rev. Daniel Varghese  - Vicar, Mukkolackkal Bethel - 9497614948

  12. Rev. Linvin C Thomas - Vicar, Ponnumangalam MTC - 9847030372

  13.  Rev. Daniel Varghese - Diocesan Secretary - 9446147076

  14.  Sri. Johnson Abraham - Diocesan Treasurer


  1. 1Sri. Joseph John - Immanuel MTC  Paruthippara

  2. Sri. George Kochummen - Ebenezer MTC  Peroorkada

  3.  Sri. Alex C Lukose - St. Thomas MTC  Pattoor

  4. Smt. Sheeja  Santhosh - St. Thomas MTC Anayara

  5.  Sri. Shaji P Koshy - Bethel MTC  Sreekaryam

  6. Adv. Thomas K Thomas - Bethel MTC  Mukkolakkal

  7. Sri. Sabu Alex - St. Pauls MTC  Vattiyooorkavu

  8.  Sri. Abie Mathews - Salem MTC  Vazhuthacaud

  9.  Sri. Joseph P Joseph - Trinity MTC  Medical College

  10. Sri. Sam Stephen - Bethel MTC  Kazhakoottam

  11. Sri. K M George - Jerusalem MTC  Nanthencode


  1. Sri John C Cherian - Jerusalem MTC Nanthencode

  2. Adv. Susan Chandy - Immanuel MTC Paruthippara


  1. Philip George - Immanuel MTC Paruthippara

  2. Sri. P L Mathew - Jerusalem MTC Nanthencode

  3. Sri. Babu K Mathew - St.Thomas MTC Pattoor

  4. Sri. Johnson M Jacob - Ebenezer MTC Peroorkada

  5. Sri. Jimmy George - Immanuel MTC Paruthippara

  6. Sri. Jacob George - St. Thomas MTC Pattoor

  7. Prof. A G George - Bethel MTC Mukkolakkal

  8.  Sri. Oommen Cherian - Ebenezer MTC Peroorkada

  9.  Sri. T K Joseph - St. Thomas MTC Pattoor

  10. Sri. Babukutty M - Immanuel MTC  Paruthippara

  11. C. George Thomas - Immanuel MTC Paruthippara

  12. Sri M T Philip - Trinity MTC Medical College

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